Encouraging Others & A Challenge


I think we can all agree that we’ve had moments in our lives where we’ve felt incredibly alone; even if it was just momentarily. Where it’s felt like whatever we were facing, whether it was a task or just day to day life, we were doing it alone. It’s not a fun feeling- I can say that with certainty. That’s why I wanted to start this community of girls.. I wanted to take that feeling away from everyone and make sure that they knew, without a doubt, that they’re not alone! They are loved, they are cared for, they’re supported and whatever they face, we’ll do it together!

I am so incredibly thankful to each and every one of you! I have no idea where this dream is going to take me or you but I have this gut feeling that it’s going to be something amazing and that together we are going to change each other’s lives! Because let’s be real- we could all use a little more friendship in our lives. We could all stand to form bonds with girls that will be life changing and that will be lifelong lasting! And we could certainly all stand to step a little outside of our comfort zones and meet some new people.. or maybe I’m just talking to me ;)

Today I opened my Instagram account and noticed I’d been tagged in something. I went to check it out and found myself reading the sweetest, most encouraging comment from a past client. “You are working hard to inspire and shape the next generation of women. You take amazing photos and I believe in your mission, you will do great things!” I’m not sharing this to toot my own horn, by the way, although we all need to do that every once in a while ;) I’m sharing this because this comment, out of nowhere, completely made my day and gave me the encouragement to keep on going. No, raking leaves isn’t fun.. no, pulling weeds isn’t fun.. no, wondering if anyone will show up to these events after I put in all this hard work definitely isn’t fun.. but the encouragement gave me that extra push to realize that it was worth it! It also made me realize how little I do this for others. I rarely take time out of my day to make someone else feel special and loved through simple acts like an Instagram comment. How hard is it to comment on someone’s picture and let them know that you think they’re beautiful? How hard is it to send someone a little note letting them know that you believe in them? How hard is it to send a quick text letting someone know that you’re thinking of them or that you love them?

I think we live in a world where everyone finds themselves to be so “busy” with their own lives that we forget that there’s others out there too. And if we’re being fair, it is a lot “easier” to just focus on our own day to day things.. to focus on our own challenges and dreams. But how much more amazing could our lives be if we took the time to encourage and support others? If instead of working on our dreams alone we helped others with their dreams and they in turn helped us? I can only imagine how much happier and how much better our lives would be if we all took a little bit of time to do this- to help out others and to encourage them.

Here’s where the challenge comes in! I challenge you all to take some time out of your days this week, whether it be 3 minutes or 20, to encourage and uplift girls around you. Send them a text, say something to them at school, write them a little note (hand written or on Instagram), leave a comment.. whatever you choose to do, do it authentically and from your heart. I can promise you that it will make a difference!

And speaking of encouraging and uplifting- I just want you to know that I believe in YOU! I care about YOU and I can’t wait to see where our futures take us.. because I just know that if we band together and help each other out we’re going to do amazing things! :)

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Pursue Passion

I get passionate about other people’s goals and dreams. More passionate than I do over my own goals and dreams. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve sat with a friend and gotten enthusiastic about their photography business. “Don’t quit! Your amazing! You can do this and this and it’ll be amazing!” And yet I never took my own advice. I’d be too busy working on pricing for her and meanwhile my pricing would be a mess, sitting unfinished somewhere. I can throw twenty marketing ideas out to someone wanting to start up a business but when I try come up with ideas for my business I shoot them all down. “Lame, Jess. That won’t work.”

I CAN get passionate about my dreams but I hold back. I think it’s a vulnerable thing. I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want to fail. I don’t want others to think negatively about me. I don’t want to disappoint anyone.. Or worse, disappoint myself. So I don’t put my whole self into things until I’m absolutely sure. I hesitate. I dip my toes in, test the waters, throw my ideas out there.. But until I get positive, encouraging feedback, I hesitate. I never fully step in with both feet.

I can be passionate and excited for others because I’m not stopped or held back by their fears. In fact, if someone tells me their fears I think I’m usually pretty good at giving them reasons to keep pushing those fears aside and just really go for it. When it comes to my dreams though, I let fear stand in my way. I don’t tell it to go away.. I don’t walk around it. I let it stop me, turn me around, and push me right back to where I began.

What if I stopped doing that though? What if I told fear where to go and I pushed on? I can only imagine where I might be now! Or, perhaps I’d be in the same place I am today, with some more failures and disappointments under my belt, but I’d have those lessons to learn from. I think I need to let myself get vulnerable.. Really let myself open up to those dreams and goals and really let myself pursue them and get passionate about them.

That’s not to say being hesitant is a bad thing. I think there’s something to be said for being slightly cautious. There’s nothing wrong with thinking things through and putting thought into them.. But I think we need to learn when to be cautious and when to let ourselves be passionate and fearlessly pursue something.

And so, my darling friend, don’t let fear take over your life. Don’t let it stop you from pursuing the things you know you’re meant to do. Be fearless. Be passionate. Be fearlessly passionate for you!

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NURSING GRADS | Lethbridge Photographer

I think I say this every year but every year I get to see all these amazing girls that are graduating from the Lethbridge nursing programs and every year I think, “Man, there are some gorgeous girls heading into our hospitals!” I’ve been so lucky to meet so many of you this year and I can’t wait to meet the rest of you that I have scheduled! Congratulations to you all on graduating and good luck in the nursing world!! :)

Buttonfield Photography is Southern Alberta’s premiere high school senior photographer for a high end photo experience. Don’t trust your senior or grad pictures to an amateur. Be the envy of all your friends with pictures that are amazing! Serving the southern parts of Alberta including Lethbridge, Taber, Picture Butte, Fort Macleod, Magrath and Raymond. To book your session send an email to buttonfieldphotos@gmail.com

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