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I think I say this every year but every year I get to see all these amazing girls that are graduating from the Lethbridge nursing programs and every year I think, “Man, there are some gorgeous girls heading into our hospitals!” I’ve been so lucky to meet so many of you this year and I can’t wait to meet the rest of you that I have scheduled! Congratulations to you all on graduating and good luck in the nursing world!! :)

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START TODAY | #buttonfieldrealtalk

I know how hard change is. I know it because, when faced with the idea of change, I react in one of three ways. I either jump in with two feet and never look back, jump right in, reacting in over-excitement, but soon back out, or, I resist it completely. If I’m being completely honest Ill admit I usually react like one of the last two. And if I’m being even more honest, if I decide this change “isn’t for me” and that I should avoid it.. well then it’s pretty near impossible to change my mind! Changing my mind over things like that would require super awesome, extra amazing persuasive skills because girl! I ain’t changing my mind too quickly! ;)

But here’s the thing.. Sometimes God’s plans for our lives are the ones that require the hard change. Actually, I’m willing to say that most of the time God’s plans for our lives require that hard change. Most of the time those plans are terrifying and we can’t help but think how am I supposed to do that?! Or even why am I supposed to do that?!

Here’s where it gets even harder! When God asks something of us, we must obey. We must obey without question and with complete trust and faith. It’s easy enough to say, “God knows best. He’ll take care of me and so, I will do this without hesitation!” But ladies, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to actually do it. It’s a whole ‘nother thing to actually put our trust and faith completely in God.

But wait! There’s more!

I read this devotional app called First 5 (which, if you aren’t already reading it you need to go download that app immediately and start pronto!) and currently we are studying the book of Exodus. More specifically, we’re studying the part where Moses* and Aaron** continually are told to go back to Pharaoh*** and tell him that the Lord says, “Let my people go..” and then, each time Pharaoh refuses, a plague will hit the land of Egypt. But it changes ever so slightly when we get to chapter 8. Pharaoh refuses again (that’s not new) and so God (through Moses and Aaron) plagues the land of Egypt with frogs. There’s frogs everywhere. I’d imagine that suddenly Pharaoh’s life is most certainly effected by the plague. He probably couldn’t even eat, sleep or bathe without the presence of frogs. And, like we do when it seems there’s no other options left but to change, Pharaoh suddenly starts “sinagging a new tune”. Suddenly he’s quite okay with the idea of letting the Israelites go. Anything to get those frogs out of here! You can all leave… “Tomorrow”. (Exodus 8:10)

Pharaoh’s not the only one doing this. He’s definitely not the only person who has ever waited until “tomorrow” to make that change that we know should happen. I know I’m rather quick to say “tomorrow”. And not even with big changes! I say it with the silliest, most simple things.

I need to eat better? I’ll start that “tomorrow.”

You need me to clean out the car so you can take it for an oil change? Yep, I can do that “tomorrow.”

I should talk to so and so about that thing I said that now, looking back, may have hurt their feelings? “Tomorrow’s” a good time for that.

Except that tomorrow comes and I still don’t do it. I push it off ’til the next “tomorrow” and before I know it days, or even months, have passed and I still haven’t done what I said I’d do “tomorrow.”

I’m not saying that God’s changes in our lives revolve around whether or not we clean our car today.. But if it’s so easy to do this with the small things in our lives, imagine how much easier it is to do this in regards to the big things in our lives! The big things that do matter. The things that God really is asking of us. The things that terrify us but that we know deep down is God’s calling for us.

As Lysa Terkeurst writes in the devotional, “When my answer is tomorrow, that allows me to feel like I’m heading towards positive changes but still allows me to eat what I want today, (and) spend what I want today..” So true! By saying “tomorrow” we aren’t actually obeying God. We aren’t trusting Him to take care of us or help us with that change today.. But instead we’re telling God, “Not today.”

Doesn’t that stop you in your tracks and make you think about all the times you’ve put off the big things (or even the little things) and although maybe not directly said it, but inadvertently said to God, “Not today.” Don’t put those things off anymore! Don’t push Gods plans off to the side and continue on in what you think is most important. Start today. Start right now! Have faith and trust. Because whatever Gods plan is for you, I can assure you that actually doing it will be amazing. Maybe not amazing in ways you’re expecting, but it will be amazing!

Don’t put off what you can do today.. Embrace it, trust in God, believe you can through Him, and DO IT!

*Moses was a former Egyptian prince (adopted from an Israelite family by the Egyptian princess) who later in life becomes a religious leader among the Israelites

**Aaron is the older brother of Moses who is also a religious leader (a prophet). Aaron, unlike Moses, did not grow up in the Egyptian palace but rather grew up with his Israelite family.

***Pharaoh was the political and religious leader of Egypt at the time of Israel residing there and being slaves.

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Our family spent Christmas doing lots of amazing, fun-filled things with family. We opened presents on “Christmas Adam” (the night before Christmas Eve) and spent Christmas Day sledding and spending time out in the cows at my sister-in-law’s ranch. The following week we had two family Christmas parties (Dan’s family and mine), spent New Year’s Eve with a massive group of friends at my sister’s place, and then went back to the ranch for New Year’s Day to celebrate Malachi’s birthday, take the kids sledding once again, and make some delicious Dutch treats. If I ever doubted how blessed I am, these past two weeks have reminded me over and over again how undeserving I am of the life I live. I am so blessed to have the family I do, the home I do, and all the exciting new ventures that I do!

I’ve been neglecting this little online world of mine, but with 2015 part of the past and 2016 officially rung in, I decided it was time to put some focus on this blog. I would love to say 2015 was an amazing, adventure filled year, but if I’m being completely honest I feel like 2015 was a little “lo key”. As “You’re Already Amazing” (by Holley Gerth) reminded me, sometimes God places us in a time of “encampment” so that we may rest and prepare for His upcoming plans. 2015 was a year full of personal growth, one full of learning to be content in just being; just being a mom and not necessarily a dream chaser.. just being in this house and not in the country like I dream so much about.. just being Dan’s wife and friend instead of the person nagging him to clean up and help out. I learned that being content is an attitude changer.

That’s not to say huge things aren’t beginning to happen around here! I am looking forward to all the things God will use me for in 2016!

Being a mom of four, I’ve definitely learned that saying “no” to things is okay. I’ve realized that I need to start saying “no” to the good things so that I can say “yes” to the great things; the things that I believe God has placed in my heart for a reason. This year I want to focus more. I want to stop overwhelming myself with to do list’s that never end and instead focus on the things that not only make me happy, but the things that will glorify God.

  1. I will spend more time playing. I am so bad at setting things aside and making time to play with the kids. I am always so wrapped up in what I all need to accomplish that I never set the vacuum aside to play Barbie’s with Joelle. I never stop loading the dishwasher to read a book to the kids. I never stop my editing to play trucks with the boys. I’m too busy doing the day to day housework that I’m not spending time having fun and building important relationships with the kids. I don’t want to just be their mom.. I know it’s rather cliche to say but I want to be their friend. I want to be that person that they love being with, love talking to, and love sharing their imaginations with. So this year I’m forcing myself to focus on what’s truly important, and that’s these precious kids that God has gifted me with. They’ll only be little so long and before I know it they’ll be grown up and it won’t be cool to hangout with me anymore ;) And when that happens I can focus on my housework ;)
  2. I will step outside of my comfort zone. I have a pretty narrow comfort zone, if I do say so myself. I prefer to hangout with an “x” amount of certain people. Groups make me uncomfortable and rather than getting to know new people I often end up sitting and observing while everyone else has fun. I tend to keep my personality a little contained (unless I’m on a photo shoot.. for some reason an awfully weird side of me comes out when I’m photographing people lol) and I want so badly to let go.. to get to know people, NEW people, and to truly be my weird, goofy, happy go lucky self. I want to step out and learn new things. I want to learn to be comfortable walking through a pen of cows. I want to shoot a bow (don’t tell my husband.. he’ll never let me hear the end of it). I want to live my life to the fullest and do things that make memories- things that make me a little uncomfortable but in the end make me feel that much more alive! 
  3. I will focus on my dreams. I have dreams guys. Big dreams. Dreams that scare me. Dreams that I know can only be from God because trust me, if it were up to me I don’t think I’d ever have the courage to pursue them. This is the year I stop saying “not yet”, “I’m too scared”, “It will never work” and start saying “Yes!” This is the year I start trusting and believing. I CAN do this.. With God’s help I can do anything! As I wrote on Instagram a while back- “Community over competition; that’s what I’m dreaming of! I’m dreaming of building a community for high school girls..  A community of girl’s that build each other up, that are there for each other, that have fun together and are each other’s cheerleaders. I dream of building a community of teenage girls that gives back to the community and does it with hearts full of love. I dream about these things constantly and I WILL do it because I believe in it so much! I believe in supporting each other, building one another up and loving everyone!”
  4. I will continue to build up a strong brand. If you’ve been following me from the beginning you know that it’s taken me quite a while to hone in on my brand. I’ve tried all sorts of different logos, website designs, packaging and hey, I’ve even tried a different business name! I feel like over the past two years I’ve started to really narrow in on my brand. I’ve narrowed my photography niche down to only teenage and young women, focusing a lot on graduates. I’ve simplified my packaging and products and finally have something I am proud of. With the wrapping up of the studio decorating I feel like I can see my brand reflected through most of my business areas. This year I want to focus even more on building up a strong brand. On building up my message that everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to feel beautiful; that everyone deserves to feel special, thought about and loved from time to time. 
  5. I will say “no” to the good so I can say “yes” to the great. I know I’ve already gone over this but I really do need to work on this. I’m a bit of a “people pleaser”. I’ll say yes to things and later regret it but keep my mouth shut because I want to help someone out. I’ll feel completely overwhelmed with my schedule but will either completely ignore it or I’ll stress about it.. but I won’t take things off of my schedule. I’m so bad at stopping to think things through before letting a “yes” jump out of my mouth. “You want me to do pictures of your kid for you? Yeah I  I could do that..” NO! No, I can’t! Not anymore.. because I’ve learned that by saying yes to that good thing I’m saying no to more important things.. like my kids and my family. Like the girl’s I would much rather be photographing because that’s where my heart and my calling lie. I’m one person.. I can’t do everything. But what I can do is start saying no more often so that those who are most important in my life will get 100% of me. 
I am so looking forward to this upcoming year.. to all the new adventures. To truly focusing on what is important to me, my family, and God’s calling for me, and to give those things my all. I hope you all have an amazing, blessed 2016! I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can in the upcoming year.
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