Saying Good-bye in Friendships

We haven’t talked much about friendships. We’ve discussed being vulnerable, loving, accepting and grace-filled towards others.. But we haven’t talked about the friendships that can be filled with negativity and hurt; the friendships that sometimes just don’t work. I think so often we feel like in order to be loving and gracious we have to give second chance upon second chance. We have to keep pushing through and trying. Keep working on the relationships that don’t always feel┬áthe best. But before we know it we are left with a lot of hurt and disconnect, wondering how this happened and how you got there. I want you to know that it’s okay to say good-bye sometimes. That it takes strength and bravery to realize when a friendship isn’t working and to decide to part ways.. And that its okay to do so.


Walking away from a negative relationship

doesn’t make you a bad person.

It doesn’t make you an un-loving or unforgiving person either. Walking away can help you grow and become a stronger, better person.It can open doors that will lead you to better things; better people. I know it’s hard and scary.. But girl, it will get easier and so much better. And if it doesn’t, I know of Someone amazing who will catch you if you fall. And earth side, I know a pretty amazing group of girls that would love to be your friend!

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